Aaron Rosenberg

Aaron Rosenberg likes to mix things up. Perhaps it's because of his history: born in New Jersey, raised in New Orleans, schooled in Kansas (under the tutelage of science fiction legend James Gunn), now living and working in New York. Or it might be his work experience: creative director for an animation studio, script editor for a film company, submissions reader for a publishing house, English comp and lit teacher at two colleges, graphic designer for an insurance company, and desktop publisher for a publishing house. Whatever the reason, Aaron just can't stick to one media or one genre. He's written novels, short stories, children's books, roleplaying games, webcomics, essays, reviews, and educational books, and has ranged from mystery to horror to science fiction and fantasy to contemporary fiction. He's won awards for his roleplaying work (an Origins Award and a gold ENnie) and his fiction (a Psi Phi Award and a Scribe Award), and is constantly finding new stories to tell and new Read More chevron_right