Aaron Taylor

Taylor, Aaron: -

Aaron Taylor is a flexibility therapist with 20 years of experience. Within this time, he has developed a keen eye and feel for the human body. After working with individuals with knee replacements and hip replacements to individuals afflicted with Parkinson's Disease and Polio, Aaron has seen it all.

His clients have ranged from 12 year old kids and 93 year old weekend warriors to individuals with motor muscular deficiencies and joint replacements. Aaron has also developed a long list of some of the biggest names in the business world as well as sport and entertainment history. He has been featured in American Fitness Magazine and has also appeared in Sports Illustrated alongside Muhammad Ali.

In addition, Aaron has designed the TStretch strap that is used to assist individuals with their everyday stretching program.

Born and raised in Alamosa, Colorado, Aaron played sports from his earliest years; football, basketball, wrestling, Read More chevron_right