Abby Green

Abby  Green

Abby Green, a performer at heart since childhood, would sing for her family, some of whom would fall asleep throughout the show. That didn't deter her in the least. She received numerous musical prizes after graduating from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in 1997. In 2008, Abby released her debut solo album, Énn. One critic described it as beautiful.

Her voice has a polished quality to it without sounding slick or generic. Another critic said of Fig for a Kiss when it was released in 2011, Her enormous talents with the language, as well as in music, are on abundant exhibit with the release of her excellent second album. Abby plays her Irish bouzouki and offers her rich soaring voice to tell the tale in Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and English, whether the song calls for rapid rhythms or chord choices that mimic the intensity of a wounded heart. Her love of Celtic music, languages, and sounds has been a true journey of discovery for her as a native Texan.

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