Adamtroy Castro

Adamtroy  Castro

In interviews, Adam-Troy Castro has stated that he enjoys changing genres and techniques, and as a result, he has refused to stay in one spot long enough to allow the unwanted development of a creature that might be classified as a typical Adam-Troy Castro narrative. As a result, his short stories span from the farcical Vossoff and Nimmitz tales to the bleak Nebula nominee Of a Lovely Slow Dancing in the Wake of Temporary Dogs. His previous works include a nonfiction examination of the Harry Potter phenomenon, four Spider-Man adventures, and three novels about Andrea Cort, his intergalactic murder investigator (one of which won the Philip K. Davis Award). Emissaries from the Dead, Dick Award). Adam has been been nominated for eight Nebula Awards, two Hugo Awards, and three Stokers. Adam and his wife, Judi, reside in Florida with their three insane cats, Uma Furman, Meow Farrow, and Harley Quinn.