Agatha Christie

By joining a man's world, as they put it, AGATHA BERNETT CHRISTIE has revolutionised the technical aspect of television production in the Bahamas. Agatha Bernett Christie is known for her Go Get It mentality and has been described as a feisty lady. Christie began working for the Bahamas Broadcasting Company, also known as ZNS, in 1988. She began as a production assistant, aiding where she was required. Christie was determined to learn more about the video side of production after discovering her affinity for photography and understanding that media was her calling.

As a result of her efforts, she was able to gain access to an section where only men worked; there had never been a woman in this department, known as the ENG for the News Room. Something occurred in the year 1989. As she took on the challenge, she was threatened by male counterparts who warned her that she was entering a man's world and that she would be treated as such, expecting she would not survive long. She Read More chevron_right