Albert M Mohler

Albert M Mohler He is married to Mary and they have two children, Katie and Christopher. Dr. Mohler has been hailed as a leader among American evangelicals by magazines such as Time and Christianity Today.

Dr. Mohler is an ordained preacher and theologian who has served as pastor and staff minister at various Southern Baptist churches. He was appointed to the presidency of Southern Seminary after serving as editor of The Christian Index, the Southern Baptist Convention's oldest state newspaper. Now, SBTS Alumni and/or faculty lead 80% of the denomination's institutions (including LifeWay) as well as countless other academic and ministerial institutions around the country. This is due to his deliberateness and expertise in molding influencers in all areas of life and ministry.

Al is a frequent speaker at both secular and religious gatherings, as well as a regular contributor to FOX News and CNN. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people listen to his social media platform, blogs, and podcasts. He and his wife, Mary, have two children, Katie and Christopher.