Alexander Hamilton

Alexander  Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison were three of the seven founding fathers of the United States of America.

Dr. Louis Fisher is scholar in residence at the Constitution Project. His books include President and Congress (1972), Political Dynamics of Constitutional Law (with Neal Devins, 5th ed. 2011), In the Name of National Security: Unchecked Presidential Power and the Reynolds Case (2006), and The Constitution and 9/11: Recurring Threats to America's Freedoms (2008), among others. He resides in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Elizabeth Cobbs is a historian, novelist, documentary filmmaker, and bestselling author of The Hamilton Affair. She earned her PhD at Stanford and won the Allan Nevins Prize for literary distinction in the writing of history. An amateur baker, Elizabeth considers double-crust apple pie America's greatest contribution to world cuisine and a patriotic enterprise.