Allan R Hambley

Allan R. Hambley graduated with a B.S. His M.S. from Michigan Technological University He earned his bachelor's degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a technical college in Worcester, Massachusetts. He worked at Hazeltine Research Inc., Warwick Electronics, and Harris Government Systems in the industry.

He is currently an Electrical Engineering Professor at Michigan Tech. In 1995, the Eta Kappa Nu chapter at Michigan Tech recognized him Outstanding Electrical Engineering Instructor of the Year. He has received the Distinguished Teacher Award from National Technical University six times for his communication systems courses. For the first version of his book, Electronics, he received the Meriam Wiley Outstanding Author Award from the American Association for Engineering Education in 1998.

Fishing, boating in remote sections of Lake Superior, and gardening are some of his favorite pastimes.