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Spiros Zodhiates was born on the island of Cyprus on March 13, 1922, to Greek parents. He went on to the American University in Cairo, Egypt, the National Bible Institute, and New York University after finishing his Greek education. Luther Rice Seminary awarded him a Doctor of Theology degree. Dr. Zodhiates has also received a number of honorary doctorates. Zodhiates received The Voice of the Gospel, a magazine published by The American Commission for the Evangelization of the Greeks, while serving in the British Army in Cairo, Egypt.

He decided to write an article for the magazine to pass the time. He wrote it in English and then wrote the accompanying letter in Greek without thinking about it. They invited him to come to America in 1946 after realizing they had found someone who loved the Lord and spoke both languages. They chose Zodhiates to be the president of what is now known as AMG International (Advancing the Ministry of the Gospel) in 1966.

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