Andre Gonzalez

Andre  Gonzalez

Andre Gonzalez, who was born in Denver, Colorado, has always had a fascination with horror and the unexplained, which he developed at a young age. He was wide-eyed and awake for several nights, his mind racing with the various visions of fear he had seen in literature and movies. Films like Halloween and Stephen King's Pet Sematary inspired him to come up with his own ideas. He often penned dark stories for school assignments or just for fun, so his thoughts ultimately made their way to paper. His debut work, Following Home, is based on a horrific dream he had when he was 12 years old.

His fascination with horror stories led him to pursue a profession as an novelist, where he aims to keep others awake at night with his terrifying tales. The society we live in today is full of horror stories, and he is excited to capture the raw feeling of these occurrences, twist them into new stories, and leave a legacy between the pristine bindings of books. Andre earned a business degree Read More chevron_right

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