Andrew Seaward

Andrew  Seaward
Seaward, Andrew: - Andrew started his working career in the mid '80, having graduated with a marketing qualification. His first role was in product marketing. However, as the telemarketing explosion happened in the mid-1980s, he helped set up and then manage a brand-new B2B telemarketing team. By the age of 25 he was managing a team of 9. He also helped shape the company's in-house marketing database - known now as a CRM. He worked with the Swedish international parent company too to help them establish CRM, direct marketing and telemarketing around the globe. A further role with a British plc in transport and logistics saw him set up 4 divisional telesales teams around the UK. Then as the millennium approached, he set up To Market - a training led consultancy business specialising in helping companies develop their telemarketing, telesales, internal sales and customer service teams. His main route to market at the start was by making his own prospecting telephone calls. Read More chevron_right