Anette Christensen

Christensen, Anette: - Anette Christensen, born and raised in Denmark, began her career by helping develop international charity programs. Later she became a language teacher for college students, and then, with her husband, ran a travel agency and a real estate agency. Now semi-retired and living in Turkey, she writes and focuses on personal growth. For years Anette traveled in many parts of the world. Her experiences with various cultures have enabled her to engage with people with a different outlook on life than her own. She is eager to learn from others and finds joy in embracing the difference of others, spotting the uniqueness that she believes is within each individual. It was only upon Mercedes Sosa's death that Christensen discovered this influential and important Argentine singer. Captivated by Sosa's voice and presence, Christensen immersed herself in Sosa's music and life. In doing so, she discovered the restoring impact of positive connection. In a sincere, Read More chevron_right