Anne Byrn

Anne Byrn, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a bestselling culinary writer and author. AMERICAN CAKE (Rodale, 2016) and AMERICAN BITES (Rodale, 2018) are her most recent publications. The New York Times bestselling THE CAKE MIX DOCTOR and its sequels are among Byrn's prior works. Around 4 million copies of these cookbooks have been printed. THE CAKE MIX DOCTOR was named the best-selling cookbook of 2000 by USA Today, and it was recently ranked No.

The 100 most influential cookbooks of our time, according to Southern Living, are number 18 on the list. Byrn has been published in People magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Southern Living, and many other magazines, and is a regular contributor to Food52, the Southern Kitchen, and the podcast, Things You Missed in History Class. She's featured on Good Morning America, Later Today, CNN, The Food Network, and QVC, as well as teaching cooking seminars all over the country.