Annette Bosworth

'Doc, what would you do?' is the number one question I get from patients when they are presented with a scary medical decision today. Tim Ferriss was the one who saved her life. Annette Bosworth, MD, this story will save your life. Dr. Bosworth recounts her 'accidental' discovery of ketosis and its vast range of health advantages while supplementing her mother's chemotherapy with ketones in ANYWAY YOU CAN. Her narrative of bravery, faith, and tenacity inspires people of all ages to use ketosis to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Dr. Bosworth's leadership skills, public speaking, and sticky educational moments motivate patients to become stewards of their own health. When patients inquire about how to overcome a chronic health problem, she responds, Fight it ANYWHERE YOU CAN. Ketones for Life is an acronym that stands for ketones for life.