Ari Whitten

Fat loss isn't about willpower and starvation--it's about biology.

Ari Whitten is a professional fitness trainer, nutrition expert, and independent health researcher. Since the age of 14 when he first began reading nutrition and exercise physiology textbooks, Ari has single-mindedly pursued greater understanding of the vast landscape of nutrition, health, and changing body composition. He went on to get his Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science, two advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, has authored two online courses on nutrition and fitness, and has lectured at universities with his revolutionary approach to fat loss.

During the last decade, Ari has run a very successful personal training and nutritional counseling practice in San Diego, and has had countless fat loss success stories with his clients.

Ari's work is geared toward one purpose: to get effortless and permanent fat loss by working with your Read More chevron_right