Armand Marie Leroi

Armand Marie Leroi is a developmental biologist and a lecturer of evolutionary development biology at Imperial College London's Department of Biosciences. His research focuses on the mechanisms of development and evolution in Nematoden (Fadenwurmern). He was awarded the Royal Society of Great Britain's Scientist for the New Century-Medaille in 2001. He has written for the Times Literary Supplement and the London Review of Books, in addition to several scholarly publications. His first book, Tanz der Gene, was nominated for the prestigious Aventis Prize for Science Books right away. In December 2004, Leroi received the prestigious Guardian First Book Award from a distinguished jury.

In addition, a three-part, self-presented Dokumentarfilmserie for Channel 4 (Great Britain) was created on the basis of the book. Leroi was born in Neuseeland in 1964, the son of a Dutch diplomat, and studied in Canada and the United States.