Arthur Dorros

Arthur  Dorros

For as long as he can remember, Arthur Dorros ( has loved words, drawings, and books. He was photographed eating a few when he was one and a half years old. His latter experiences inspired him to write novels. He sat on the tail of a ten-foot alligator when he was four years old. The alligator, fortunately, had been well fed.

Alligator Shoes, one of his earliest published works, developed out of that adventure. Since 1980, he has written and/or illustrated a wide range of popular books, ranging from nonfiction idea science books to high-flying stories like the award-winning Abuela. Before starting to make books, he worked as a carpenter, teacher, farm laborer, longshoreman, and photographer, among other things. He enjoys learning about and meeting new people, as well as exploring global parallels and differences.

He incorporates everything he discovers into his books as a writer and illustrator. Dorros currently resides in Seattle, Washington, and Read More chevron_right