Arthur Schopenhauer

ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER, the famous nineteenth-century Ger-man pessimist who expanded on the ideas of Plato and Immanuel Kant, wrote accessibly, leading his ideas to resonate with both philosophers and artists alike.

The son of Heinrich Floris Schopenhauer and Johanna Hen-riette Troisiener, Arthur was born in Danzig on February 22, 1788, just one month after English Romantic poet George Gor-don, Lord Byron. A middle-class Dutch family involved in inter-national trade, the Schopenhauers chose Arthur as their son's name because the appellation is spelled the same in English, French, and German. Once Prussia annexed Danzig in 1793, the Schopenhauer family moved first to Hamburg, then Arthur spent much of his youth living throughout Europe, learning many lan-guages. Although his father prepared him to inherit the family mercantile business, Arthur Schopenhauer found that the schol-arly life suited him perfectly. After Heinrich's 1805 death, Johanna moved her family from Hamburg to Read More chevron_right