Aya Imatani

Sushi has been a part of Aya Imatani's life since she was a child. She now runs her own catering business.

From the foreword of Sushi: The Beginner's Guide
And who am I? Not just someone who learned to make sushi at home and is now writing a book about it--anybody could do that! Sushi has been a part of my life since infancy. My father owned a sushi bar in Kobe, Japan, and while other children were playing with blocks, I filleted my first fish at the age of five! Owning a sushi bar was a demanding business, and when my brother and I were little, our parents were often busy. But every night, after closing time, the two of us sat down at the bar just like grownups and Otosan (Father) made us whatever kind of sushi we asked for. Now that I've grown up and work in the restaurant business, I can really appreciate that special attention. For us, it made the hours of waiting worthwhile, and created a love and respect for sushi I still feel to this day.

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