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Baseball Prospectus is an organization thataims to democratize the knowledge often confined to major-league front officesthrough insightful analysis of every aspect of the game of baseball. As aneditorial hub, BP's team of writers covers topics ranging from contemporaryanalyses of the game to historical assessments using modern understanding andstatistics. These efforts are augmented by a prospect team comprised ofevaluators who deliver reports and rankings based on in-person looks at minorleague players and a fantasy team comprised of writers who regularly compete inand win major industry leagues each season. BP's industry-leading stats teamlaunches proprietary statistics, updates and manages the PECOTA projectionsystem, supports editorial needs, and even provides data consulting andmanagement for many pro organizations. It's no surprise that BaseballProspectus has served as a training ground for dozens of team employees, including several key Read More chevron_right