Battlefields Minifig

Minifig, Battlefields: - Minifig Battlefields is on a mission to bring back the creativity of building with minifigs, bricks and customised Lego pieces, through learning and education. Established to capture the passion of hobbyist, who collect model soldiers from across military campaigns. We are model makers specialising in design for 3D printing. 3D printing is the emerging technology that has the potential to enhance learning. Our Minifig Battlefields in education has inspired children and young students to compose and animate a story; to augment their history learning; engage them in creative technology from 3D printing through to the media of animation, and to help them embrace the endless possibilities as future designers, engineers, artists, scientists, inventors and writers. We provide faithful, realistic diorama and scenery for use with customised military minifigs, accessories, weapons and artillery to enable you to tell your story about WW1 in a different way through animation and visual art like this illustrated hardback book. Find out more by visiting