Becca Anderson

Becca Anderson comes from a long history of Ohio and Kentucky teachers and preachers. Her mother was a teacher, therefore she became a woman's studies expert and author of the best-selling The Book of Amazing Women. She helps organize a Gratitude and Grace Circle that meets monthly in homes, churches, and bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently resides, as an ardent collector of affirmations, meditations, prayers, and blessings. Becca Anderson attributes her recovery from cancer to her spiritual practice and daily prayer, and she wants to offer this encouragement with anybody going through a difficult time in life with her books Prayers for Hard Times and The Woman's Book of Prayer. Becca Anderson, author of Think Happy to Stay Happy and Every Day Grateful, blogs about Awesome Women at https: // @AndersonBecca_ on Twitter, @BeccaAndersonWriter on Facebook, and @BeccaAndersonWriter on Instagram.