Beckett Samuel

Samuel Beckett was born in Foxrock, Ireland, and attended Trinity University in Dublin. He was one of the most important literary and dramatic giants of the twentieth century. He first went to Paris in 1928, when he met a number of avant-garde writers and artists, including James Joyce. He moved to Paris permanently in 1937. Beckett wrote in both English and French, but his most well-known pieces are in the latter. He was a prolific writer of novels, short tales, and poems, but he is most known for his theater works, which adhere to the Theater of the Absurd tradition and are distinguished by their minimalist approach, stripping drama down to its fundamental essentials.

Beckett was given the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969, praising him for transforming man's sorrow into his exaltation. Beckett died in 1989 in Paris. He said at the age of 76, With decreasing attention, loss of memory, and blurred intelligence... The more chances there are of stating something that is true Read More chevron_right