Ben Owden

Ben  Owden
Owden, Ben: - My name is BEN OWDEN. I am a writer and a speaker who always felt the conviction that there's got to be more to this life than what most people live for. Eventually, I found out that I was right; there is more to everyone's life than what meets the eye. There is more to your life than what you probably live for. So when God gave me John 4:34 as the guiding scripture for my life, I grabbed it, held on to it tight and have not let go of it ever since. Since then, I have been using my craftsmanship of words, my ability to tell stories, my love for people and my sense of urgency to reach the lost, and to pour into the Kingdom of God and equip His people to be all He has created them to be. If you belong to any of these groups, I am here to serve God by serving you. I currently reside and serve as a leader in the Ocean Future Generations Ministry at the Ocean International Community Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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