Bill Pacello

Pacello, Bill: - Bill Pacello was born in 1963 and grew up in the 1970s in the small town of Audubon, New Jersey. Bill graduated from Audubon High School in 1981 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in business from Rutgers University in 1986. While attending both of those institutions, he spent a significant amount of his energy on the baseball field toward a well-rounded life and achieved area and state honors. After working in the waste, construction, and electronics industries, Bill returned to Rowan University in 1993 where he received a public school teaching certification. During his post-baccalaureate study, he began to develop computer skills and found work in the information technology department at a chemical company in Philadelphia. There he began learning the SAP enterprise system and soon embarked on a consulting career at IBM. After a few years of travel and settling in at one of its service delivery centers, his assignment and his time at IBM had run Read More chevron_right