Bill Wallace

Bill  Wallace

Bill Wallace, an award-winning author, began writing after a difficult year of teaching fourth graders. Attempting to read to a class of 25 students who aren't paying attention is simply MISERABLE, he says. Ultimately, pupils asked me to tell them stories from my childhood. They said I should make up new stories when I ran out of these. I became a writer in order to make it through my first year as a teacher.

The students like the stories I wrote for them and encouraged me to have a genuine book made for us. All of his books, including Shadow on the Snow, Stuck in Death Cave, and A Dog Named Kitty, began as books for his students. Unfortunately, his first novel (A Dog Named Kitty) took ten years to be accepted for publication. Since then, this former elementary school teacher has published more than 25 books and received various accolades.

Red Dog, Buffalo Gal, Danger in Quicksand Swamp, Beauty, Aloha Summer, Watchdog and the Coyotes, and Coyote Fall are among the Read More chevron_right

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