Blake Karrington

Blake Karrington came from humbling beginning, raised in a single parent home in one of the roughest projects, Piedmont Courts, in Charlotte North Carolina. Blake was the only male child born to Viola Nash, he has two other older female siblings. Blake made the successful transition from drug dealer to working man, then from an employee to a book store owner. After many years of being on the retail side of the book industry, after a meeting and talking with author Shannon Holmes, James decided to become a publisher. With the first novel that he published, 'Little Ghetto Girl', Blake achieved unprecedented success. The novel caught the eye of publishing giant Simon & Schuster, which later bought the rights to the novel. After that he published other titles as well with limited success. Blake witnessed firsthand the trial and tribulations of the publishing industry. Dissatisfied with the many authors lackadaisical attitude, Blake decided to try his hand at writing a novel. He figured he Read More chevron_right