Brian Godawa

Brian  Godawa

Brian Godawa wrote the screenplays for To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland, and Alleged, starring Brian Dennehy as Clarence Darrow and Fred Thompson as William Jennings Bryan, both of which won awards. Brian previously wrote and directed several documentaries, including PBS' Wall of Separation, and adapted the best-selling supernatural thriller novel The Visitation by author Frank Peretti for Ralph Winter (X-Men, Planet of the Apes). Brian's film and philosophy writings have appeared in publications all across the world. He has lectured about movies, worldviews, and culture at colleges, churches, and community groups around the United States. Hollywood Worldviews: Viewing Movies with Wisdom and Discernment (InterVarsity Press), his best-selling book, is utilized as a textbook in classrooms across the country.

His saga Chronicles of the Nephilim, which is an innovative recounting of Genesis' primal past, the secret scheme of the fallen Watchers, and the War of the Seed of the Serpent with the Seed of Eve, is in the Top Ten of Biblical Fiction on Amazon. Chronicles of the Apocalypse chronicles genuine history through the Watcher paradigm, while Chronicles of the Watchers tells the account of the Apostle John's book of Revelation. is his primary website.