Cami Ostman

Cami Ostman grew up in a dismal Seattle suburb, where she went to school with other working-class youngsters. She earned a BS in education from Western Washington University and an MA in marriage and family counseling from Seattle Pacific University. During her divorce, she began running to keep her breath. She discovered the marathon and, as a result, a new outlook on life, which she now shares with others in therapy and talks. She is a private practice certified marital and family therapist with a special interest in assisting women in transition as they build experiences that will help them live more truly and freely.

Ostman runs between twenty and forty miles every week as part of her personal quest for self-awareness. She's a member of the Greater Bellingham Running Club, and she's ran races as little as five kilometers and as long as 26.2 miles (so far), always in the back of the pack, her head held high. Cami Ostman and her husband, Bill Pech, reside in Bellingham, Washington, with their dogs, cat, and lizard.