Camilla DErrico

Camilla  DErrico

Camilla d'Errico's manga-influenced style has made waves in the fine art and comic book industries. Camilla is an urban modern painter, illustrator, designer, character developer, and comic artist who has always been a productive artist. Camilla lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, she paints and draws comics. Her creator-owned series, BURN, is now a graphic novel, and she co-created the next Image Comi! comic book series. She's also recently collaborated with Neil Gaiman on an artwork for one of his short tales and has worked with entertainment firms on feature films and videogames. Camilla uses Tanpopo to share her passion of books and poetry in a unique way that captivates audiences of all ages. She's made a name for herself by flawlessly fusing manga and western comic art, resulting in a unique style that transcends cultural and geographical barriers while being completely relevant to today's diverse audience.