Camille Minichino

Camille  Minichino

Camille Minichino has served as President of the Mystery Writers of America Northern California Chapter and the California Writer's Club Mt. Branch of the Diablo. Gloria Lamerino, a retired physicist who lives above her friends' funeral parlor and advises with the police on science-related cases, appears in her periodic table mystery novels (The Hydrogen Murder, The Helium Murder, The Lithium Murder, and The Beryllium Murder). Camille, like the amateur sleuths in her stories, has a Ph.D. in physics, as well as a long research and teaching career.

Camille is a physics professor at San Francisco's Golden Gate University. She also works as a scientific editor in the Engineering Department of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and teaches fiction writing. Camille lives in San Leandro, California, with her husband and satellite dishes. This is the author's fifth book.