Carlo Collodi

Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) was the pen name of Carlo Lorenzini, an Italian author, journalist, translator, critic, and satirist from Florence who took part in Italy's struggle for independence and died too soon to witness the international success of his masterpiece, The Adventures of Pinocchio, which is laced with wry comments on Italian society, some as relevant today as they were in the late nineteenth century.

John Hooper (translator) is Italy and Vatican correspondent of The Economist and the author of the bestseller The Italians. He has reported from Italy for more than twenty years and is a lecturer at the Florence campus of Stanford University.

Anna Kraczyna (translator) is a native of Florence, the daughter of American artists who moved to Italy. She has taught at the Florence campuses of Stanford University and Sarah Lawrence College, and divides her time among translating, interpreting, and lecturing at American universities in her native city on the language, literature, and society of Italy.