Carolyn Turgeon

Carolyn  Turgeon

Since 2013, Carolyn Turgeon has served as the editor in chief of Enchanted Life (previously Faerie Magazine). She is the author of five novels: Rain Village, Godmother, Mermaid, The Next Full Moon, and The Fairest of Them All, as well as The Faerie Handbook (Harper Design, 2017) and The Mermaid Handbook (Harper Design, 2018). Sony Pictures, Random House Films/Focus Features, and Gaumont Film Company have optioned her works for film, and they have been published in the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, and Portugal. She's had short stories published in Fairy Tale Review and the book Haunted Legends (Tor, 2010), as well as essays in Allure, the Hairpin, and the New Inquiry, among others. She resides in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Visit for additional information.