Cassius Ali

On this day: I have fear in my heart. I'm living in a world where black is a target from the start. It's unclear if it's hate or discrimination this world can't tell them apart. Why must I worry for my children in the world today? I thought justice was the American way. I throw my hands up and yelled I surrender still I lost my life that day. I played my music too loud and was shot while my killer walked free. I was on my way to college how could this happen to me? The value of my life appears to be less than a dime. It seems killing a black person isn't a crime. Talk of War fills the news. The elderly are forgotten after paying their dues. We're facing scary times. I try to sum them up with little rhymes. Why are we treated this way? We prayed to overcome but it didn't happen today. - Written by Cassius Ali
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