Catherine Klatzker

Klatzker, Catherine: - YOU WILL NEVER BE NORMAL is Catherine Klatzker's debut memoir about living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). When approached from an outside lens -- as it often is by therapists, clinicians, and others -- DID becomes a spectacle, disappearing the person in pain at the center of the experience. The strength, appeal, and focus of this memoir is Catherine's ability to communicate with readers from within the DID experience.

My memoir plunges into essential questions of how our brains and minds work to keep us safe, the nature of sanity, and how far are we willing to dive into family history and forgotten memories to find our way back to health and wholeness. -Catherine Klatzker

As a Ragdale Writer in Residence, working in the heart of the winter prairie helped awaken Catherine's consciousness to the many silent survivors of DID. It was through this that she came to write this deeply personal and courageous first book. Originally from the quad cities of Illinois, Catherine is now a writer and registered nurse in Los Angeles, California, where she specialized in pediatric intensive care for twenty-two years.

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