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Catholic  Church

With the refounding of the monastery of St. Solesmes, there has been a documented legacy of Solesmes. Peter of Solesmes, founded in 1833 by Dom Prosper Gueranger, is a Benedictine monastery on the Sarthe River in western France that has set the world standard for both Gregorian chant performance and authenticity. Solesmes has an exceptional reputation, having been commissioned by Pope Pius X to explore the role of chant in liturgy and to edit works on chant that reflect this research. It has been compared to the renowned abbey of Cluny in the Medieval Ages for its work in liturgical reform and the contemporary revival of Gregorian chant. These recordings offer a distillation of nearly 200 years of chant studies, including musical paleography, semiology, and modality, and contain new understandings of ancient texts.

The monks of Solesmes' remarkable work has contributed to the current upsurge of interest in Gregorian chant as the foundation of Western music. The recordings of the monks of Solesmes are distributed by Paraclete Publications in North America. The Grand Prix du Disque, the Deutsche Schallplatten Award, the Diapason d'Or, and the Edison Prize are just a few of the significant international accolades that these recordings have received.