Chessy Prout

Chessy Prout was a victim of sexual assault in high school. Chessy was born in Japan and attended St. Her father and sister both attended Paul's School, a residential institution in New Hampshire. Chessy was sexually assaulted as a freshman at that school. Chessy's case and subsequent trial drew national and international attention since her assault was part of a school ceremony known as the Senior Salute.

In August 2016, Chessy chose to come forward publicly in her quest for justice, launching the #IHaveTheRightTo movement with the nonprofit PAVE. Chessy worked with K-12 schools as a PAVE Ambassador, speaking about the significance of consent education. Chessy cofounded I Have The Right To Org., a nationwide non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of sexual assault in high schools, in Washington, DC, in 2017. She has shared her story around the country and worldwide, encouraging survivors to understand and claim their most basic rights.

Chessy is also a Barnard College student who continues to utilize her platform to speak for survivors and let them know they are not alone. has more information.