Christine Larsen

Larsen, Christine: - Hallo visitor... how nice to see you here. I'm Christine Maybe you'll come back often and we'll become friends. I hope so. I am an Australian in my seventh decade - a writer, farmer, wife, mother, grandmother - now on our retirement farm, and returning from an absence elsewhere to reignite my works here. I have three main genres I write - Memoirs - of growing up in the 1950's in Australia, of farming, and of treasured collections. Children's Stories - mostly for middle-school age readers, but they would make excellent read aloud stories by parents, siblings, grandparents, babysitters, teachers. Short stories + Flash-fiction (and non-fiction) Collections - and here you'll find a range of almost every genre, encompassing every emotion from humour to the deepest sadness and longing. These stories are in varying stages of development - some still in draft form - but all soon to be on full view here. Hope you'll keep checking. I welcome all comments/critiques/suggestions. I may not always agree, but I will surely give any of your thoughts my deepest consideration. See you again soon!