Christine V Paintner

Christine Valters Paintner is the online abbess of Abbey of the Arts, a virtual monastery that offers contemplative practice and creative expression workshops and tools. She graduated from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, with a PhD in Christian spirituality, and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association certified her as a qualified expressive arts consultant and educator. She is also a spiritual director and supervisor who has received training. Earth, Our Original Monastery; The Soul's Slow Ripening; Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire; The Artist's Rule; The Soul of a Pilgrim; Lighting the Path; The Wisdom of the Body; and two collections of poetry are among Paintner's works on monasticism and creativity. She is a Benedictine oblate who lives with her husband, John, in Galway, Ireland. They lead literary retreats and pilgrimages together in Ireland, Scotland, Austria, and Germany, as well as online retreats at