Christine Zuchorawalske

Christine Zuchora-Walske grew up in Minneapolis and eventually settled down there. Yet, as a young adult, she traveled to places like the University of Notre Dame, London, the University of Denver, and a little village in the Illinois cornfields. Along the process, she developed a passion for reading, writing, and research, as well as a desire to make a career out of them. Christine has been writing and editing books and magazine articles for children and their parents for nearly two decades. She began her career as an editor for the Cricket children's magazine family.

After that, she went to the Lerner Group and subsequently Meadowbrook Press. She became a freelance editor and writer after having two children. Christine has a long list of author credentials. Crafts and puzzles, a monthly column in which she imitated a praying mantis, natural science titles for beginning readers, books examining nations across the world, a debate on the benefits and drawbacks of Internet Read More chevron_right