Christopher Ryan

Christopher  Ryan

Christopher Ryan's tenth novel is titled A Simple Revolt. For his master's thesis, City of Woe, which he published independently under his Seamus and Nunzio Productions, LLC, he received his MA and the English Prize for Outstanding Merit in Literary Studies from Rutgers University. The Independent Book Publishers Association awarded's first-ever Book of Extraordinary Quality and Best New Voice (fiction) accolades for the debut work. Detectives Mallory and Gunner appear in City of Woe, as well as its sequel City of Pain and a prequel collection of short stories, City of Sin. City of Love, his modern urban re-interpretation of Dante's The Divine Comedy, is now in the works.

He has also authored a young adult novel, Genius High, and is currently working on the sequel, Perfect. He's also working on a series of illustrated children's detective books called The Ferguson Files. He's also authored pieces for the collection Shooters and the novels Ransom for a Dead Read More chevron_right