Colleen Monroe

Colleen Monroe loves writing books for children, although it is a path that she never envisioned for herself, having spent many years in advertising. It wasn t until she had children that she decided to write her first book. She shamelessly uses her three children for ideas and as impromptu editors and critics.
Michael Monroe uses his award-winning illustrations to bring every story he works on to life. He feels a great responsibility to make each book the best it can be for the children reading it. He enjoys painting the books but also loves traveling the country doing presentations at schools where he teaches children about being an artist and about following their dreams.
This is the fifth book that the husband and wife team have collaborated on. Others include The Christmas Humbugs, A is for Ark: Noah s Journey, The Wonders of Nature Sketchbook, and the highly successful A Wish to be a Christmas Tree.
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