Craig Johnson

Craig  Johnson

On November 5, 2009, I underwent radical prostatectomy surgery in order to free myself from living with prostate cancer. Essentially everything in this book is based directly on my personal experiences before and after my prostatectomy. If you are planning to undergo another type of cancer treatment, your postoperative experiences may be very different from mine, and much of what I have to say about my recovery in the second half of this book may not apply to you.

When I was told that I had prostate cancer, my first thought was to find out what my options were. I didn't ask Why me? or begin wringing my hands about bad luck or attempt to apportion blame. None of those things would stop my cancer. Worrying only invites misery and oft en delays taking action, providing time for the cancer to grow and spread. I found myself in a bad situation, and I set out to deal with it.

In the first part of the book, I talk about how I came to the decision to undergo radical prostatectomy, and Read More chevron_right