Craig Martelle

Craig Martelle is a well-known author who released ten books in 2016. To write about fascinating individuals within an authentic tale, he drew on his more than twenty years of experience in the Marine Marines, his legal degree, and his business consulting profession. Although Martelle has written in a variety of genres, he finds in-depth characters coping with real-world challenges to be the most intriguing. A superb story's life lessons can be utilized now or fifty years from now. There are some things that are universal.

He wound up in Fairbanks, Alaska, after a weird series of circumstances. He, on the other hand, enjoys his time there. It's off the beaten road, with breathtaking natural scenery. From their driveway, he and his wife enjoy the northern lights.

Temperatures can drop to 40 degrees below zero. In the winter, there are three and a half hours of daylight; in the summer, there are twenty-four hours. It's all a part of life's give and take. Everyone would live there if they didn't have those extremes.

Craig would love it if you checked out any of his other stories if you enjoyed the End Times Alaska series. For grit, try the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles; for a Young Adult, old-school-master style, try the Free Trader Series. Thank you very much for purchasing and reading his works; this is what brings an author the most joy.