Daniel Austin

Daniel Austin's fascination with Madagascar began long before he managed to muster the funds to go and see the island first-hand, on what he planned to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip before submitting to the inevitability of getting a 'proper job'. Whether it was his aversion to such drudgery or the allure of Madagascar that was stronger than he expected isn't certain - perhaps both - but the trip changed the course of his life and he has returned at least once every year ever since, often for three months at a time. Now occupied full time with all things Malagasy, he leads small-group tours to the island (www.danielaustin.co.uk), gives occasional lectures on Madagascar, is secretary of the London-based Anglo-Malagasy Society, founded the Madagascar Library (www.madagascar-library.com) and co-authored the other Bradt titles Madagascar Wildlife and Madagascar Highlights. www.danielaustin.co.ukHilary Bradt's career as an occupational therapist ended when potential employers noticed that Read More chevron_right
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