Daniel Richmond

Daniel Richmond's collection of poems reveals the restlessness of the seeker, the sensitivity of the lover, the pain that comes with depth, and leaves with depth, the agility and sharpness of the intellect woven through the gentleness of the soul and the heart. Like their author, the poems are beautifully open and honest, yet keeping the essential mystery of the human quest for meaning, clarity and love. Each poem has its own unmistakable identity clearly defined and guiding the reader through a journey, a dance choreographed by a firm but light hand. Like a painter, Daniel sets about with primary colors and then washes them into subtle shades while keeping the core, the strongest theme, the seeking. The poems are his search for clear answers, gentleness and wonder. Daniel is a profoundly gentle yet strong soul, with a great desire for an absolute purity of love. His quest is apparent, heart focused as well as heart rendering.