Dave Sterrett

Disruptive Truth's president is David Sterrett. He wrote or co-wrote nine books, including I Am Second, Why Believe Jesus, and We Chose Life, which was a Wall Street Journal best-seller. He and Josh McDowell co-authored The Coffeehouse Chronicles series, and he has trained many congregations around the United States in evangelism, bioethics, and apologetics. He was mentored by Dr Norman Geisler at Southern Evangelical Seminary (MS in Apologetics) after graduating from Liberty University with a BSc in Religion. He earned an MA in Philosophy from the University of Dallas, and his thesis, Aborting Aristotle: Exploring Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Controversy (St.

Augustine's Press (Augustine's Press). Before going into medical sales and cancer diagnostics, Sterrett taught at Liberty University and Prestonwood Christian Academy.