David A Adler

I've always been a dreamer. A few years ago, I was at my middle son's Open School Night. His fourth-grade teacher was the same one who taught my eldest kid seven years before and who taught me in the 1950s. The teacher smiled and said to the parents in the room, A long time ago, when I first started teaching, David was in my class. I went to the principal and asked, 'What should I do with Adler?' she grinned again. 'Maybe he'll be a writer one day.' That is her story, not mine.

But I know I dreamed for most of my early school years, and I did become a writer.Dreamers become writers, and becoming a published writer is a dream come true for me.I write both fiction and non-fiction, and I start with the main character in my fiction. The plot will be revealed later. Of course, since I'll be spending so much time with each primary character, why not choose someone I enjoy? He's a lot of fun to write about, and the boy who inspired him is much more so.

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