David Atkinson

David M.Atkinson was born in 1947 north of Toronto, Canada, and has been performing in public since the age of 15. In addition to the United States, he has taught and preached in Canada, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, and Haiti. He planted three churches in his early years of ministry, with assets totaling several million dollars today. In 1990, he was called to be the pastor of the Dyer Baptist Church in Dyer, Indiana. Plum Creek Christian Academy, which the church founded in 2006, serves children and youth of all races in the south Chicago area and Northwest Indiana.

Pastor Wayne Shirton of Medicine Hat, Alberta, studied theology with him in 1970 and describes him as the most brilliant thinker I've ever met. He's a poet and an artist who's composed many songs about current issues. DJs and music reviewers all over the world reacted well to his songs about the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City and the shooting of a bell ringer in Bethlehem, Israel. He and his wife, Jane, have two adult children, April and Lee, who are both ministers.