David Cutler

Cutler, David: - David Cutler is the founder and CEO of The Puzzler Company, a firm that helps assists business, education, and arts organizations strengthen teams and gamify problem-solving. Known for innovating the process of innovation, he is a speaker, consultant, teacher, author, musician, and Aspen Global Leadership Fellow. Cutler serves as a Distinguished Full Professor at the University of South Carolina, where he led an institution-wide initiative focused on interdisciplinary exploration and breakthrough creativity.

Lance LaDuke is a teacher, creator, futurist, podcaster, and performer who teaches at Carnegie Mellon University, both in the School of Music and as part of the Integrative, Design, Arts, and Technology interdisciplinary program.

Patti Dobrowolski is a strategic illustrator who uses visuals to help companies accelerate growth and change. A comic performer, internationally recognized keynote speaker, writer, and consultant, Read More chevron_right